About Us

We are a company focused on delivering the best service quality to our customers, offering solutions and repairs for doors, windows, screens, window tinting and shutters. We are committed to “OVER DELIVERY” and we seek to provide our Customers with more than what was hired to surprise them positively.

With many years of expertise, we have the extensive experience and the many qualities and skills required to meet our customers’ needs, and to date we have over 3,000 extremely satisfied customers. If there is a solution, we can deliver it!

We offer all and any type of services related to the fixing/reparation and installation of “IMPACT DOORS”, “IMPACT WINDOWS”, “REGULAR DOORS AND WINDOWS”, “HURRICANE SHUTTERS”, “SCREENS”, “SHOWER DOOR”, “CLOSET DOOR”, “ PET DOORS ”and“ WINDOW TINTING ”.

We do “SAME DAY SERVICE” to meet our customers’ needs at the time they require it most. We have 24/7 availability (24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year) to answer to any emergencies that our Customers may have. We offer “FREE QUOTE” and we charge nothing to diagnose a problem and to give our technical opinion. We WARRANT up to 3 years in our services.

We serve residential and commercial customers throughout South Florida, and no service is too small or too big for us. We believe all Customers are equally important and deserve our best service, as they have placed their trust in us and we have an obligation to not disappoint them, and we have an obligation to surprise them positively.

We ALWAYS work with genuine parts and products of the best possible quality on the market, delivering the best results and durability to our Clients, which literally keeps our client’s money in their pocket for much longer.

Our technicians are highly trained and specialized to provide the best possible service to our customers in a quick, clean and efficient way. We do “BACKGROUND CHECK” to bring our customers the security and peace of mind that they need.

Our technicians will explain what needs to be done to our Clients in detail, and will also teach how to do a correct maintenance so that the service lasts for much longer.

We offer a warranty of up to 03 YEARS on parts and service.