Accordion Shutters Repair

Your home should not be left unprotected during tropical storms or hurricanes,  we offer repair  for a practical and safe protection structure which are the HURICANE ACCORDION SHUTTERS. They are a cheaper and more accessible option for those who do not want to spend a lot of money with impact windows installation, and are a functional and efficient way of protection in the event of a storm or hurricane.

Hurricane shutters are an excellent security option, because you can protect your home at any emergency signal by simply closing the shutters quickly and conveniently. But they shoud work fine when you need it.

If the Accordion Shutters on your property due to poor maintenance and due to years of use it no longer works as it used to, we can repair your old hurricane shutters. We clean and lubricate the tracks and the hinges with professional and specialized products for this type of material, replace the rollers and making all the necessary adjustments, so that it can operate and lock like brand new, returning the security that your family and your property deserves.

Hurricane shutter are a way to save time and money, as they reduce the installation and retention costs of obsolete and annoying plywood or metal storm panels whenever there is the slightest sign of emergency.

Installing hurricane shutters in your home can considerably lower the cost of your home insurance and are a more economically alternative option if you don’t want to install impact doors on your property.

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