Door/Window Leaking Repair

Water leakage through the door or window slots is unfortunately a common problem, but it has a serious potential of causing damage and losses not only to the property of our Clients but also to their neighbors.

Water can seep through the floor and walls, damaging the paint, baseboards, carpeting and even the floor, causing huge losses. Also, the damage may still extend to the neighboring properties, which causes unimaginable problems.

What About The Bad Weather?

Bad weather stripping can also cause water and air leak that brings unwanted damage to your assets. 

The most common causes are poorly made caulking, made with inappropriate or dry products, incorrect door installation, misaligned sliding glass door track, track oxidation, old weather stripping. We can do the re-caulking or sealing job at the specific points to solve this problem, even the deeper weather stripping inside.

Our technicians can identify what is causing the issue, diagnosing the solution precisely and solving the problem in an efficient, quick and safe way, and it gets better: all of it at an absolutely affordable and fair price.

Is There A Free Quote?

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Frequently Asked Questions

The technician is the only professional responsible to evaluate the damage extension and give the right price for the repair. But don’t worry, we offer FREE ESTIMATES.

After we make the appointment for FREE ESTIMATE, if the Customer approves the quote we are able to proceed to the job on the same day.

We serve residential and commercial Customers.There is no small or large service for us.

We recommend using original and best quality parts available in the market to repair your assets. It can be a little bit expensive now but it lasts longer and longer, avoiding you having to make the repair again soon and keeping literally the money in your pocket.

Our technicians are very well trained to offer our Customers the best service possible. We give warranty in all our services and work until we finally solve the problem.

We started to make free services and repairs for friends and neighbors and they began to refer us to their friends, relatives and neighbors and soon it became a professional company that grew because of our commitments with our Customers peace of mind.

We have more than 3,000 satisfied customers who have done repair services for their doors, windows, accordion shutter, windows tinting, pet door installation, sealing job and more. The average time for a repair is around an hour and a half.

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