Impact Door Repair

Don’t let your sunshine be spoiled by your sliding glass door malfunction, we are impact door reapair specialistis! 

Does your impact door is not sliding as it used to, it’s to heavy, stucked, does not lock anymore, it has a broken handle or lock, it has its track damaged, water or wind leakage, your neighbor complains about the noise your door makes every time you open it? If your door is sick and need a door doctor don’t worry: we are USA DOORS, we can fix it!

The impact door repair will coast only a fraction of the replacement of a new door and the good news is that you don’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to install a new door. No matter how poorly maintained your door is, we can make it perfect again so that you can effortlessly move your door, at a cost that is only a small fraction compared to a new door.

The high concentration of humidity and salt in the air, because of the proximity of our region to the ocean, the accumulation of dirt and pet hair under the door, proximity to the pool, application of inappropriate products and the lack of a proper preventive maintenance are the most common impact doors problems.

Is very important to make the impact door repair at the first sign of a malfunction. Call USA DOORS now! Prolonged use of your doors with damaged bearings can cause deep marks on the aluminum rails, making the use of the door totally unfeasible, which damages even further and generates a considerable increase in the repair cost.

Moving a door with a damaged bearing and rail system come across as being very heavy, requiring an extra effort from the handle and lock which damages these parts as well, making the entire operation of the system impractical.

That’s why it’s very important to act at the first sign of malfunction of your impact door, doing the maintenance right away in order to avoid a significantly higher repair cost.

We have the most diverse types of impact rollers, tracks, handles, locks and hardware to make your sliding glass door repair, and we are ready to repair immediately after the quote approval. We work only with genuine and highest quality parts available, providing a greater longevity of the service performed.

Our experts will teach you how to properly maintain your impact door, making it last much longer. We offer a warranty on our services regarding parts and labor, and if you door exhibits another issue, we will go back to fix everything again for you.

24hr SLIDING DOOR REPAIR: we work 24/7 in order to provide your emergency impact door repair needed.

Call USA DOORS now on 305-345-9230, we are ready to offer you the best viable solution at an extremely fair and affordable price for your impact door repair. We have highly trained technicians that are specialized in the impact door repair; they know exactly what they are doing and they will deliver a result that will positively exceeds your expectations.

We offer a warranty on our parts and services provided. Call USA DOORS now for a free estimate on 305-345-9230.


Our services:

.impact door rollers repair;

.Impact door track repair;

.impact door lock repair;

.impact door handle repair;

.impact door leaking repair.

If you have been thinking of bringing to your home and family the security and practicality that impact doors can provide, you can count on us. We can help.

We have the perfect solution for your impact doors’ needs.

Types of impact doors tht we fix:

.Entry Doors

.French doors

.Sliding doors

.Folding patio doors

.commercial entrance doors

Types of impact windows we fix:

.Single Hung Windows

.Double-hung windows

.Horizontal Rolling

.Casement Windows

.Awning Windows

.Tilt & Turn Windows

.Folding Windows

.Picture Windows

.Bay & Bow Windows

Yes, we can fix it!