Screen Repair

Screening supplies such as screen door, window screen, and patio enclosure are extremely useful for keeping insects and animals such as frog and geckos out of your home. These screens offer a totally safe protection against these animals because they are made of highly resistant materials.

Did you know you can have a screen door and window screen on virtually many doors and windows? Enjoy the fresh air while keeping insects and animals away and all whilst lowering your energy bill?

Yes, using a screen leaves the unwanted animals outside, bringing fresh air to your home, thus requiring lesser use of air conditioning and consequently lowering your energy bill. This is a smart investment, where it pays for itself.

If you have an old screen door with a poor condition, don't have a screen anymore or have damaged rollers, it is perfectly possible to repair it and make it work like brand new again. In most cases, the frames have a good condition, needing nothing more than a few professional repairs. USA DOORS we can help you with that.

If you don't have a screen door or if your old one doesn't work anymore, we can also install an entirely new screen door with the color and size you need, with high quality and durable materials that will keep the unwanted insects and animals out for that much longer.

It is also possible for you to have a screen door on your front door or any French door. Whatever your screen related problem are, we can help you with them.

Lower your energy bill by saving on air conditioning, while keeping insects and other unwanted animals away with the use of a screen door.

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Yes, we can fix it!

Keep mosquitoes and animals away while you enjoy good times and fresh air in your pool or balcony.

If your poll structure is broken, with ripped screens, doors and springs that no longer work, we can fix it for you, removing the need to spend a lot of money to install a new one.

We replace the damaged screens, the rusty screws, fix the doors and springs when they can be repaired or replace when they cannot, we carry out all the necessary repairs or install a new pool enclosure or patio enclosure for you to enjoy your environment insect-free, keeping mosquitoes and other unwanted animals away at a very fair and affordable price.

Our technicians are highly trained and specialized, and are ready to perform a quality service with a stellar customer support. We offer a warranty on our services and we are very proud of our customer service.

We work 24/7 to meet your needs and our services are warranted.

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Yes, we can fix it!