Sliding Glass Door Handle Repair

The sliding glass door handle is a very useful tool that assists you in the correct operation of the door, especially for those who have some kind of disability, elderly people, women with large nails or children.

If the doors malfunctions, the handle might break because of the excessive effort, which can be caused by damaged, old, dirty or rusty rollers, damaged track, door misalignment or lack of adequate lubrication.

In such cases, it is very important to address the cause of the problem first before replacing the handle to avoid further damages.

There are a multitude of different handles, and USA DOORS has the solution for every of them. Most of the time, the handle is an accessory part of the lock and its use may be optional, but sometimes, especially regarding impact doors, the handle is an integral part of the lock and cannot be detached from it. In both cases, it is extremely important to always use screws with the correct size and thickness, specific to the door type and always made of stainless steel in order to provide greater durability and stability of the handle.

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