Sliding Glass Door Leaking Repair

Water leakage through the door or window slots is unfortunately a common problem, but it has a serious potential of causing damage and losses not only to the property of our Clients but also to their neighbors.

Water can seep through the floor and walls, damaging the paint, baseboards, carpeting and even the floor, causing huge losses. Also, the damage may still extend to the neighboring properties, which causes unimaginable problems.

The most common causes are poorly made caulking, made with inappropriate or dry products, incorrect door installation, misaligned sliding glass door track, track oxidation. We can do the re-caulking or sealing job at the specific points to solve this problem.

Our technicians can identify what is causing the issue, diagnosing the solution precisely and solving the problem in an efficient, quick and safe way, and it gets better: all of it at an absolutely affordable and fair price.

Call us now for a FREE QUOTE and put a stop to the damages and problems with your neighbors, and better yet, keep your money in your pocket.

Yes, we can fix it!