Sliding Glass Door Lock Repair

A malfunctioning lock is certainly an item that brings fragility to the security of your entire home and family.

This problem can be caused mainly by a door misalignment or by aged or damaged locks. But in most cases, these problems can be easily repaired with just a fine adjustment made by our experts. This task may seem simple, but it requires a clinical eye and finesse to achieve the expected result.

But sometimes the extent of the damage is so extensive that just the fine adjustments are not enough, requiring the complete replacement to bring safety back to your home.

We always use genuine and appropriate parts for your door type, always top quality ones. Besides, if your intention is to increase the security level of your door, we can also use anti-lift keepers, double locks, safety locks and other mechanisms that prevent the undesirable opening of the door from the outside.

We have many types of security mechanisms that can be used in the vast majority of doors and that are available in multiple colors, so they can be discreet and simple to use. It is a safe, simple and modern locking solution.

Our technicians will deliver the best solution to your needs, as they are highly trained and specialized to give your sliding glass door lock the expert treatment it deserves.

We offer a warranty of up to 3 years. Call now for a FREE QUOTE. We offer same day service.

Yes, we can fix it!