Sliding Glass Door Repair

An inadequate maintenance of the sliding glass door with inappropriate products is one of the most common cause of the sliding glass door, such as WD40, grease, vaseline or cooking oil for example. They cause the dirt to stick to the bearings and damage the system, generating a premature wear of the components.

What Is The Benefit of Repairing With Us?

When you make your sliding glass door repair with us we teach you how to make the properly maintenance on your sliding door in order to you have door for longer.

Pet hair accumulation under the door is another common problem which restricts the roller movement, causing malfunction and further contributing to damage your sliding glass door. Our sliding glass door repair includes to remove all those pet hairs from your door.

The high humidity and salt content in the air, the accumulation of water on the tracks and proximity to swimming pools are some of the most common issues that negatively affect the properly function of your sliding glass door and are often related to the premature damage of the system because of the oxidation of the metallic parts. but don’t worry, we can make the sliding glass door repair for you.

Don’t let your sunshine be spoiled by your sliding glass door malfunction, we are impact door reapair specialistis!

It is extremely important that you contact USA DOORS at the first sign of malfunction of your sliding glass, because once the rollers are damaged they will consequently damage the track, also causing issues to the handle and the lock of the door which increases the system repairing cost considerably.

If your sliding glass door does not lock properly and you’re apprehensive about the security of your home, your door may have a damaged lock, keeper or latch or maybe even misaligned. Our technicians are ready to solve this problem and to offer a correct sliding glass doore repair solution that increases the security of your home, such as double lock or a safety lock for example.

One of the most crucial problem that our Clients may encounter happens when the glass is disconnected from the frame, bringing a high risk of shattering and causing further damage and inconvenience.

24hr SLIDING DOOR REPAIR: we work 24/7 in order to provide your emergency impact door repair needed.

Leakage is another problem that brings a lot of discomfort to our Customers, because besides the air leaks that affect air conditioners and thus increases the energy bill, it can still let noise and rainwater inside. The most common causes for the sealing problem are the misalignment of the door because of the wear of the rollers, because of old, worn or dry weather stripping and the misalignment of the sliding glass door.

If you experience any of the above problems, you are in the right place to solve them. Our technicians are the best in the business in all of South Florida, and offer you the best solution for a fair price. The details make all the difference. We are specialists in door repair; we are not just a handyman or rolles replacers!

If your door is sick and needs a door doctor don’t worry: we are USA DOORS and we can fix it!

Our technicians carry with themselves a wide variety of parts and pieces that enable them to repair your door on the same day of the free quote as soon as it is approved.

We offer a warranty of up to 3-year on labor and parts, and it covers the following issues: door out of track, missing screw, uncomfortable noises and others.

This is what we can repair:

  • Rollers Repair
  • Dirty, stuck and oxidized rollers.
  • Damaged tracks.
  • Old or poorly made caulking.
  • Air or water leakage
  • Locks that aren’t working anymore.
  • Broken handle.
  • Dated or parched Weather stripping.
  • Misaligned glass.
  • Dirt that piles up on the tracks and rollers.
  • Moisture build-up.
  • Rusty Sliding Door.
  • Lubrication made with unsuitable products.
  • Pet hair pile up

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Frequently Asked Questions

The technician is the only professional responsible to evaluate the damage extension and give the right price for the repair. But don’t worry, we offer FREE ESTIMATES.

After we make the appointment for FREE ESTIMATE, if the Customer approves the quote we are able to proceed to the job on the same day.

We serve residential and commercial Customers.There is no small or large service for us.

We recommend using original and best quality parts available in the market to repair your assets. It can be a little bit expensive now but it lasts longer and longer, avoiding you having to make the repair again soon and keeping literally the money in your pocket.

Our technicians are very well trained to offer our Customers the best service possible. We give warranty in all our services and work until we finally solve the problem.

We started to make free services and repairs for friends and neighbors and they began to refer us to their friends, relatives and neighbors and soon it became a professional company that grew because of our commitments with our Customers peace of mind.

We have more than 3,000 satisfied customers who have done repair services for their doors, windows, accordion shutter, windows tinting, pet door installation, sealing job and more. The average time for a repair is around an hour and a half.

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