Sliding Glass Door Rollers Repair

Your door does not slide like it used to? The problem may be old, worn, or even completely oxidized rollers.

This problem can be caused by excessive humidity, poor maintenance, accumulation of dirt, accumulation of pet hair or simply through deterioration. Using unsuitable products, such as WD40, grease, vaseline or cooking oil, are the most common unsuitable products that people use.

USA DOORS has original rollers for many doors and we preferentially use stainless steel rollers, which provides a durability multiple times greater than the durability of simple steel rollers, generating a bigger saving for our customer regarding their sliding glass door maintenance.

We can carry out the service on the same day of the FREE QUOTE visit of our technicians, and we offer a warranty for up to 3 years regarding parts and labor. The work can take between 1 and 2 hours, and our technicians will teach you how to properly maintain your door so that it lasts for much longer.

We are dedicated to offer a quality service at an affordable price. Call us to schedule your free quote. We offer same day service.

Yes, we can fix it!