Sliding Glass Door Track Repair

The original sliding glass door track is made of aluminum, so any roller malfunction or accumulated dirt can easily damage the track, compromising the correct sliding of your door.

The most common problems related to sliding glass door tracks are bent or even broken tracks, which can cause the door to jump off the track, to lock in place or even the total failure, exposing the security of your home.

Damaged tracks may require additional effort on the handles and locks while operating the door, and may cause damage to other parts by that increased effort, which can increase the repair costs.

We fix these problems by installing a heavy duty cover track made of stainless steel above the old track which offers much more protection than the aluminum. This results in an elegant and relatively quick work.

USA DOORS offers a warranty of up to 3 years, and our technicians will teach you how to properly maintain your sliding glass door track so that your door will last for much longer. We are not simple handypersons; we are door and track repairers, and that detail makes all the difference. An incorrect track installation might not solve your problem but can increase the extent of the damage to your door.

With the new rollers and the STAINLESS STEEL cover track properly installed, aligned, cleaned and lubricated, your door will behave as if it was brand new, restoring the much needed security to your home.

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